Monday, November 17, 2014

Cabinets are levitating?

A few years ago, I had some tile work done in my current home. We found a great tile man who took the time to fix things that could have been done a bit better when the house was built. All of our door frames and baseboards touch the slab, which isn't a big deal. But "Joe" explained how the tiles that go around door frames actually need to go UNDER the frame of the door so it will look like the door frame was built on top of the tile. He had a special saw that cut into the door frame to remove the bottom part, after which he laid tile underneath that frame. It does look much better than having grout showing around those frames, now that he pointed it out and talked my husband into letting him do it.

Our new house has everything built 1.5 inches above the slab; baseboards, cabinet feet, door frames, and pillars. Wood or stone will be able to fit underneath so no grout lines or edges of wood flooring will show at door frames. It seems like a lot of work, but I was told that to do it right, this is the best way. Therefore, when walking through the front door right now, it actually seems like everything is suspended in the air since the bottom of the baseboards seems to be hanging in the air. 

This method of building everything above slab level resulted in one of the many unexpected lessons and early decisions we were asked to make. "What type of flooring do you want in the dining room and foyer area?" we were asked. At that moment all I knew was that we had considered wood flooring, so I shared that info. "Do you want engineered wood or real wood floors?"  (Oh, no! Another question and this is not so easy since I have no idea what we want.) So, the builder and I discussed it a bit and I promised to get back with him after talking to my husband.

He gave me the name of a gentleman who does wood flooring, and had already given me the name of the company he uses for engineered wood flooring. I added the other man's name to my cell phone and promised to talk with my husband soon. A week later we were at a home show and walked by a booth with beautiful wood flooring, not paying much attention. A few feet away I stopped and looked at my phone. "That man back there is the flooring man [our builder] told us to talk to" and back we went.

I called "George" (flooring man) the following week to start gathering information. After discussing the details with my husband, we told our builder we were going with a floor from George. The finished floors will be 1- 1/2 inches above the slab, so that gave the builder the information he needed to start the cabinets and trim. Every place we have tile will have to be raised that high as well. I'm just thankful our builder knows what he's doing. If we were building this house alone, it would be a total mess.

Our cabinets would be 1-1/2 inches shorter because I would have built them on the slab, not thinking about the the thickness of the floor. Once again...........thankful for a builder who knows all this. Meanwhile, our cabinets seem to be floating if you look at the right angle.

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