Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Inspiration house #1

The longer we looked at homes, the more "frustrated" I became. Is there nothing for sale that feels like home to us? In an earlier post, I mentioned the years long search that was casually undertaken to find a one story house that contained at least several items on our wish list. However, what I call frustrated, still really didn't have an urgency attached to it. I simply thought there would be no end to the search. That's not necessarily a bad thing since I love looking at houses of all shapes and sizes. I should start listing it as a hobby next time I fill out a form with that question.

All of that changed the day I saw the photos on MLS of a beautiful country home. It was not a single-story, but had the space to build whatever we wanted to since it was perfectly situated on acreage. I loved the idea of driving up to this beautiful property with the white fence. The family that lived there had children and hosted soccer practices for their teams on the front lawn. What a perfect home for a family.

We quickly made an appointment to see the house and instantly loved the design and the decor. Unfortunately, there was only one bedroom downstairs, but as I've already mentioned, there was plenty of land to build a wing onto this house. Our biggest issues were the location which would mean my husband would have a longer commute to downtown, and this steep stair case. The downstairs ceilings are taller than normal, making the stair case a bit steeper than normal. Neither of us wanted to climb those stairs on a regular basis.

But when it came time to plan our new home, Lauren and I spent a great deal of time discussing some of the ideas in this inspiration home. In fact, photos from MLS stayed on our shared Dropbox folder for months as we would look back to see the design of this beautiful home. One particular detail that I like are the "legs" on the corners of the island. We have reproduced a version of this corner detail on our kitchen island.

Another design element that we reproduced was a fireplace in the dining room that is flanked by a pair of china cabinets. Our cabinets do not have counters since we choose to bring them from the top all the way to the floor, with a furr-down above.

This lovely home provided much needed hope that other people enjoyed classic southern style homes. I wasn't alone.

(Photos in this post were made public on MLS and in a local magazine article. I did not take these photos.)

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