Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Time to choose paint, etc

Sometimes the feeling is not unlike that of a West Texas whirlwind. Although currently a few items down the grand "to-do" list, choosing light fixtures has seemed to take over my time.
Since I want ceiling medallions for a couple rooms, I need to know the canopy size and diameter of the lights in order to find medallions that will be proper fits.  The alternative is to purchase one without a hole and pray the hole is drilled correctly once it is on site so that money is not wasted ordering a second one.

Since it's getting closer to time to paint, medallions need to be present soon in order to be hung and painted, in whichever order that happens. So I find myself pretending I already have my paint colors chosen and have nothing else to do but look at light fixtures. Somehow pretending makes is less stressful, I can hope. 

Additionally, I never realized that medallions and chandeliers should never be the same diameter as each other. If both are the same, they appear as a column, which makes the room look smaller.  So lighting has jumped to the top of my to-do list, with an unfinished paint palette needing attention. Moving forward........................

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