Saturday, November 1, 2014

What does the Mason-Dixon line have to do with it?

Wikipedia authors sometime like to confuse me. Pennsylvania was above the Mason-Dixon line but abolished slavery, serving as a partial demarcation line for the legality of slavery.  So, while in the "north" it was somewhat out of place with the states around it. One resident even stated that "Pennsylvania is in the North, but we screwed up. If we had a do-over, we would be in the South."

So, there we have it! Except I read that a few residents consider themselves neither northerners or southerners, while others say they live in the north. (This is even more confusing than Wikipedia.)

However, I have "fallen in love" with a house in Chadds Ford, PA. The outside is so different from the house we are building, but the inside is quickly becoming an inspiration for me. The beautiful flooring choices, the white trim, the front door lanterns, charming garage doors and comfortable rooms have made me a huge fan of this house. Maybe it's a southern home without being located in the southern part of the coutry. After all, it IS above the Mason-Dixon line.

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