Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Would never make it as a thief

If I were dishonest and tried to survive by stealing things, I would definitely starve to death. (Yes, I realize this is a bizarre statement.)

Photo belongs to homesteadkitchens.net
"Once upon a time," as the story goes, I stumbled across a photo of a small powder room which caught my attention.

I loved the charming, old-fashioned, simple beauty in this picture so shared it with Lauren with a qualifying statement something like, "Except we need to get rid of the wallpaper, change the window to a porthole, and paint the cabinet." In case you haven't figured my thought process out yet, I realized it was simply the cabinet style that I was focused on. 

Somehow I get the feeling this cabinet could have been in a house in the early 1900s or before. It looks "old" to me. Since "old" is what I like, Lauren and I sat out to design a similar look for our powder room.

If you see this photo and try to compare it to the cabinet that we will have, you would not accuse us of reproducing this exact design. The "legs" we purchased are wood-turned twisted rope, not tapered, and go from the top to the bottom, unlike the legs which stop below the cabinet top. Our cabinet, like the inspiration photo, is more narrow than space allows in order to use a sconce on both sides of the mirror.

Looking back, I have realized the wallpaper is part of the charm of this room. I still don't want wallpaper, but it does help provide a historic feeling for that space. While we were able to use this photo for inspiration without reproducing it exactly, I realize many of the details of our home have been inspired by things we've seen in showcases or photos. Houzz has become a incredible resource in this project.

Yet, none of that is why I would never make it as a thief. The bottom line is that I'm probably much too fickle to survive with only my cunning skills, which are definitely lacking. 

The two rope twist legs arrived on my porch last Friday and I shot off an email to our builder, asking if it was okay to take them to the house since the project manager was unavailable until Tuesday. I never received a response, which was unusual. When I was at the house at noon on Monday, I ran into the crew boss and asked him about the legs. I was concerned about the way they fit, but "Harold" assured me they would work. I still felt like I had possibly ordered the wrong size and wasn't sure I was doing the right thing by leaving the legs to be added to the cabinet.

I realized if the legs were damaged by screws or nails, I would not be happy if the builder later told me I had ordered an incorrect size. I sent a text message to the gentleman who owns the trim company, asking if he would be at the house that afternoon, and still haven't heard back from him either. So, back again I went to the house, where Harold was nowhere to be found. Instead of waiting on him, I put the legs back in my SUV and headed to Walmart.

As I walked into the door of the store, my cell phone rang. Harold couldn't find the legs to install in the cabinet. He thought someone had come in and stolen them. I'm not sure if some of the other men ratted on me or not since they had seen me carry the legs out of the house. (Harold never mentioned that detail.) I quickly explained that I had the legs and would return, but told him I was concerned about the fit. 

As I laid the legs on the counter top in the powder room, Harold walked by. "I would never make it as a thief" were the words that fell out of my mouth. We laughed, determined the legs were exactly what was needed and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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