Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A bit of humor?

Back in January when the slab was poured for our house, we had a timeline that listed December 26 as move-in day. Several things have contributed to that date being delayed, but it stuck in my memory since it was so close to Christmas.

Do I wish it was time to move in? I don't even know how to answer that question if I pose it to myself. Of course it would be exciting to move into the brand new home. But I find myself far behind on Christmas this year. Adding a move to the picture and I have to wonder if we would have had a tree, a relaxed Christmas dinner, and time to enjoy our family.

I will admit that December 26th was not a good target date for a family's sanity.

But while sitting at our kitchen table tonight, someone mentioned the December 26th date. I laughingly said that I thought I would tell the builder I was moving in on December 26th anyway. Is it important that we have no flooring, no plumbing fixtures, no electricity or lights, no gas or appliances, no paint or locks on the doors? There is no driveway poured, and no sidewalks.

I doubt the builder would think our strange humor is as funny as we did at the dinner table. Oh well.............

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