Monday, December 1, 2014

A collection of boxes

It has become apparent that my "project" involves three major tasks: (1) working on the new home, (2) getting the current home ready to sell, and (3) packing, which is a major chore itself. I started packing months ago, but still haven't had time to make a huge dent in this undertaking.

I can only shake my head in wonder when I get through spending a few hours with boxes, paper and tape, to find that I seem to have more stuff to pack than I had when I started. It makes no sense. Will I ever get to the end of this chore?

I have thrown things away, left things by the curb on trash day, and donated things that might be useful to someone else. (WHY did I buy those things?) I have a pair of brass door hinges and a random switch plate. (Where did this stuff come from?) It goes without saying that everything we move needs to be placed in a box.

Oh, those boxes! Knowing that we would need boxes, both my daughter and daughter-in-law have saved me hours by grabbing boxes when they see an ad for free boxes, or when one of their friends give away boxes after their own move. I never realized that Facebook would be a good source, but a few posts about "free boxes" and I probably have enough without worry. 

While buying boxes that are the same sizes are easier to stack, some of the scavengered boxes are actually ones that I doubt I would have purchased. We have hanging-clothes-boxes courtesy of DIL's friend. D's friend threw in a barely used box of packing paper and lots of bubble wrap. Although I feel like a scavenger with this assorted collection, I love the idea of reusing things that would possibly have gone unused. And I hope I can pay it forward by passing these boxes along after unpacking.

One of their friends happens to know someone who owns a liquor store. Even though I don't drink, I am now the proud owner of several heavy duty liquor boxes with dividers inside. It didn't take long to realize these boxes are strong enough for full bottles, so they must be strong enough for me to wrap and slip my empty drinking glasses down into these sectioned-off spaces.

While others were putting up their Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, I spent that time breaking down boxes so we could get a car in our garage. The boxes that are not broken down are either holding other boxes or have already been packed. I am so thankful for the time saved and the effort it took for D & DIL to gather these boxes for me. They certainly saved me some valuable time! Now, instead of running to the box store to find a certain size box, I can simply walk to my garage and find what I need.

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