Thursday, December 11, 2014

In need of a change

Mentioning the need to find creative solutions for certain items in the last post prompted the topic for this post. "Sometimes you have to trust your carpenter!" It's a hard statement to accept at times, but if you have a carpenter you do trust, then you can take the time to listen to what he is telling you and work together to find a solution that will work in a specific space.

Our kitchen cabinets were well-planned, the space measured, and the drawings handed to the trim carpenters in a tidy notebook. If I take those drawings and hold them in front of the finished cabinets, there are some differences that needed to be made before the ideas became reality.

Basically, as the trim carpenter explained, "At times things work on paper and not in real life."
  • No matter how many times we drew the mirror on my vanity, it did not look like it would work. We changed the frame, changed the mirror size, and finally came up with the idea of two mirrors. A larger mirror would be over the sink and counter. A more narrow mirror would be over the makeup space. We were finally happy.

    But when the cabinet was built in the actual space, and mirror frames that are the size of the trim in the house were figured into the equation, that left us with less than 24 inches of width for the makeup mirror. We talked about a few ideas, but finally ended up where we started, which meant one wide mirror and it looked great in reality. Standing on a wall in a room instead of being drawn on a page can sometimes be different.  What had not looked good on paper, became the perfect solution.
  • The dining room and living room fireplaces were planned to match, but now they don't. There is less space on the sides of the dining room firebox, than there is on the living room wall. We had limited space to trim out the space under dining room mantel, so the builder came up with an idea that worked to keep the fireplace from looking like it was out of place with the trim in the room.

    While the finished fireplance wasn't the design I had envisioned, it works and I am happy with the way the builder solved that problem.
  • An electrical outlet ended up close to the bottom of a window in another room, when window trim was added it was too close to the outlet. The project manager asked if we could make the outlet horizontal to solve the problem. Tiny little   
These three examples required us to stop and consider solutions other than what had been on the floorplans, the electrical plans or the cabinet designs. I've discovered there is usually a solution if I talk to the right person with the experience to help solve that particular problem.

It's best not to give up in frustration, but to find another way to solve each problem that presents itself. I do have a feeling that every house has it's share of challenges that require creative solutions. It's the nature of construction.

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