Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Paint colors

Deciding on paint colors is definitely not my strong point. Although I want to use greys and blues, the details leave me totally unsure of myself. Hand a Sherwin Williams fan deck to me and I want to cry. Right now, I find myself extremely thankful for Lauren and my daughter, who both have an incredible eye for color. As I look at the grays, I realize I don't know exactly which gray to choose.

As we work to pull the entire house together, we have to consider additional factors:
  • Since some windows will have privacy shades to protect the house from the glare of the setting sun, we had a limited selection of fabric for the shades we chose. The windows in the master bedroom have a fabric that is more dressy than the windows in the breakfast room have. Both spaces have gray shades, but a different gray. We must choose a paint that complements each gray.
  • Because of the window shade selections, we essentially "divided" the house into two separate "zones." At no point can you see the two different grays at once, so using two different gray families will be the solution.
  • Lazy Gray, Serious Gray, Refuge, and Olympus White will be found in the kitchen, breakfast room and great room areas, as well as the utility room, mudroom, secondary bedrooms and hallway.
  • Misty, Samovar Silver and Uncertain Gray will be used in the master bedroom and bathroom areas. 
The list of paint colors has been handed to the builder, with the exception of the stain choice and the blue for the walls of my husband's study. Grateful for Lauren's input as well on these two last choices.

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