Monday, December 8, 2014

Planning for Christmas 12 months from now

While getting Christmas decor out this year, I've realized it is the perfect time to plan for next year. When I pack away the ornaments, throw pillows, stockings, and other decor, I will need to have the boxes labeled correctly so they will be put in the correct place in their new home.

The "correct place" is one of my favorite parts of the new house. We have a dedicated Christmas closet on the ground floor, which I've always thought would be a great idea, and still can't believe I'll have one. The shelving was built for a specific size box, with additional space to hang Christmas table clothes and to store larger decorations such as a pair of nutcrackers we own. We left plenty of space near the top of the walls to hang wreathes. My hope is that it will be easier to get the decorations out next year.  Of course, it WILL involve a ladder because we left the ceiling at 12 feet, but that could be better than digging through an attic and dragging things down the stairs.

We also have several windows that I would like to decorate with hanging wreathes. Hopefully I can find some beautiful wreathes on after-Christmas clearance sales and have them ready for next year. That means counting and measuring windows before hitting those sales. Lots to do, with little time, so I must get busy and sign out with a ..............................


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