Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Right place at the right time

My husband and I were married in the days when brides registered a china pattern at a local store, and these stores would set up a small table with the chosen patterns, plus add a list of other gift ideas for the couple. Wedding guests could visit the store and see the table settings, even purchase a piece or two of the china or "pottery" as a gift if they wished to do so.
 This was before personal computers and on-line registeries. There seemed to be something more personal about these small table settings than there is when looking at today's websites or registry printouts at a store, but that is simply my personal opinion. We actually saw an entire table setting so we had an idea of how the plates, flatware and crystal looked together.  

When we were looking for china I fell in love with a Noritake pattern. Affection's white on white allows it to be extremely versatile; and although it appears formal, on occasion it can be dressed down with simple table settings.  There are special memories of family and friends who gave pieces to us as wedding gifts. Affection was available between 1974 and 1993, and it was a sad day when I discovered the pattern had been discontinued. I had hoped it would be available for an indefinite period of time so I could add pieces or place settings as our family would grow through the years.

The china has been stored in a not to easy to reach place for the last few years; therefore not used as much as it should have been. But for those occasions we do get it out, I still enjoy it. 

I remember registering for 8 place settings, wondering if I would ever need that many. As my mother would see sales through the years, she would sometimes pick up a serving piece or another place setting and tuck it away for Christmas or my birthday. When the pattern was discontinued, she found several clearance priced pieces at one of her favorite stores.

Although we have enough place settings for a dinner party, like any set of dishes, the number of guests would be limited to the number of place settings we have. But after today's "find," we can invite more guests. 

This morning, as I was looking through a local website for something totally unrelated, I noticed a photo that looked very familiar. After contacting the seller, I was able to see the china, and sure enough, it is the same as mine. These place settings and serving pieces now have a new home, enabling us to add more place settings to our dinner table. I was thankful that I was in the right place at the right time for this one.

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