Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Aw.......the walls...........they have CoLoR!!

My daughter shared a great "cartoon" with me, which I forwarded to Lauren. I'm sure she probably relates even more than I can because she may have more clients than me who have untrained eyes for color.

While we are using cool colors in the house, most are neutral; whites and various shades of gray. We both wanted to add a pop of blue in the living and dining rooms, but could never settle on a specific color until we decided on Hunley Blue from Duron's Historic Charleston Collection. It is perfect in my opinion.

Thus.........the story of how to choose the perfect blue. Short version: let the designer make the decision.  ;-) I was not scared of the blue after Lauren choose it, simply curious about how I would feel after it was on the walls. Now I can't imagine a better choice.

There are no floors or furniture in the house, but the blue rooms are my favorite places to stand and dream. The furniture is placed, if only in my mind. A favorite reading chair has just enough light. If not, I'll turn on the imaginative lamp my mind has placed nearby. Now, I just need to find a good book to put in my dream.

Another "pop" of color has been added to a space claimed by my husband. Sherwin-William's Garret Gray has been used for the over abundance of trim, with Denim added as accents in his TV room. Again, thanks goes to Lauren for the choices. The ideas I shared with her where not as wonderful as her two suggestions.

While I've never had a bold color in any house I've lived in,  now seems the right time to be brave and brighten up my word with CoLoR!!!

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