Monday, January 19, 2015

Inspiration house #3

Inspiration house #3 was briefly mentioned, but there is more to the story than already told.
"One day, we finally found ourselves staring at a home we both instantly thought was wonderful, but of course, it wasn't for sale. Grrrr..... We even watched the home for awhile, checking the real estate map periodically to see if it was listed."
But the story begins earlier than discovering this house. I've already explained our love for old southern home designs, while living in a community that was building mostly Tuscan style homes. When we moved here, we weren't as much "fish out of water" as we became after builders started building stucco homes and selling them like hot-cakes. If I were a builder in that environment, I too would build the Tuscan homes on most of my lots.

"Are we going to have to move to another community?" but where would that community be? We like where we live, and want to stay here.

Periodically we would drive to a new neighborhood just to get a "feel" for the houses for future reference. During one of these casual excursions, I discovered a house that instantly caught my attention. I returned a few days later with my husband, who liked the style but wasn't fond of the siding across the front of the house.

A couple years or so later we drove back by this house and talked about how much we admired the style. I would love to share photos, but it is privately owned and not for sale. I want to respect the privacy of the homeowners.

We talked to the builder who built the house, the architect who designed the home, plus my husband actually talked to the homeowner. Our floor plan isn't the same, but we drew on the well-thought out room arrangement and the one-story concept. There are so many differences that nobody would drive by the two houses and realize they are similar, except possibly the homeowners of the other house.

That house gave us hope that a home with gracious southern design could exist in a neighborhood of different styles. Later when we found a lot in a neighborhood designed around houses that were patterned after historic homes, we knew we had a perfect match. And it only took about 10 -15 years.

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