Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sigh! Budgets, costs, etc.

As we visited with a lighting salesman on Friday, my husband remarked about one chandelier we had priced. He commented  that he would have to eat every meal in the dining room to get his money's worth out of that particular light fixture. Of course we all laughed because it's sad, but very true.

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When building, the budget is probably the last thing anyone wants to consider, but is actually one of the most important considerations. If the the homeowner and the builder don't have a clear concept of the budget for the house, there are going to be additional costs that creep into the picture which result in higher demands on your wallet.

Don't ignore costs, always keeping in mind the ramifications each decision will have to the overall picture.

Communication, communication, communication with the builder from the start can help keep things in check. Nothing is done without your approval that is not part of the original plan for your home. Make sure you have a clear understanding with the builder on any possible overages. "Put everything in writing" is always a good policy. People forget. We're human and can't remember everything we've ever been told. As you have meeting, write it down. Send a copy to the builder or sub-contractor. "This is what we agreed on, from my understanding. Please advise if this is not correct." These previous emails and notes come in handy from time to time.

Now it's time to find the answers to a couple of budget questions in my own project.

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