Thursday, January 29, 2015


A couple close friends/relatives have recently put vinyl flooring in their homes. I never paid much attention until I happened to be looking at one of these beautiful floors BEFORE realizing it was vinyl.

We should put the story in reverse for a minute.

There is an area in our new home where I have had difficulty choosing a floor. Because of the space design, there is a strange transition between any tile in a small bar area, and whatever material we choose for the surrounding area.  There will be a dishwasher and refrigerator in this space, so my goal was to use tile to avoid the future risk of water damage.

We wanted the surrounding area to be wood flooring, but angles caused the transition between tile and wood to be awkward. We considered using tile thoughout both areas, but even that would have caused additional issues that remain unimportant now.

We considered wood look tiles, but never found any that I was in love with. The pictures can be beautiful, but I wanted tiles that are at least 36" long, which were difficult to find in colors we wanted. Although we realized we would have grout to deal with if we used tiles, we were still open to the idea until we exhausted our options and hadn't found a tile we both like. I believe this would have been a perfect solution to this space if the perfect tile had been available.

When vinyl was suggested, I was hesitant until I actually saw the beautiful floor in my relative's home. This isn't the same vinyl I had in my kitchen for years. It doesn't come in a giant roll that is laid out and cut to fit. San Simeon Luxury Vinyl Flooring is sold in planks that are laid individually, much like hardwoods or engineered woods would be laid.  The Cordoba Hickory floor I saw is simply stunning. It wears well, the color choices offer a wide range, and it is designed to last virtually forever.

I was sold on the product and wanted to use it in my space. It works in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. This would be the perfect solution. U.n.t.i.l a glitch or two entered the picture.
  • The baseboards in my space were raised 1.5" to allow for wood flooring. Okay........we add another piece of molding to the bottom of the baseboards in place of quarter-round and solve that problem.   
  • The doors (interior and exterior) were measured for that same flooring, so the doors would be too short. Adding something to the bottom of a door just doesn't seem workable. We could make all this work IF we added a plywood sub-floor or mud-bed to the entire area. I'm suddenly seeing dollar signs as this becomes even more expensive than planned.
  • The vinyl wouldn't work in the nearby bathroom which has a walk-in shower instead of a tub. Therefore the bathroom must have tile which, when laid on a mud-bed, would be about 1" higher than the vinyl flooring outside the bathroom door. That sounds like an accident waiting to happen.
So this brings me back to the beginning. What on earth do we use in this space? My designer had suggested putting wood flooring throughout, but I was hesitant because of the potential for water damage. However, after discussing the issue with my husband last night, we decided to take the risk and use the wood. If we ever have a leak, we have to be ready to replace wood. I hope that day doesn't come.

Meanwhile, I wish I could go back to the framing stage and plan the space for vinyl flooring. It would have been the perfect solution.

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