Friday, February 13, 2015

.....and "crazy week" is hopefully coming to an end

Sometimes a person must laugh when things are simply so bizarre, and we find ourselves shaking our heads in wonder about what is going on. Maybe it's because we are all so overwhelmed with jobs and life that our minds become confused at times and we say or do things that make no sense to anyone else. I'm not sure, but having so many "crazies" in one week makes me wonder if this is a "trend" or a fluke.

My "crazy" week started last Friday at a meeting with our builder. We had asked him about a bid he passed along to us from the brick layer. There are three porches that will be bricked. One is rather large, the second is larger than normal, and the third is the size of the porch on most houses. That third porch might have enough room for a small plant stand without blocking the door.

The bids were provided separately so we could see how much per square feet was being charged. The large porch was very inexpensive. The medium porch was a bit more expensive, and small porch was very expensive.
Herringbone Brick Pattern
(not my photo)
Also, if the brick was to be laid in a herringbone pattern, there would be an extra charge, which makes sense. When we questioned the irregularities of the original bid, the builder said he would talk to the mason. We also shared that we preferred a basket-weave pattern.

This week, we got a call which should have alerted me that a crazy week was about to begin. The large porch was priced because it was "easy." The medium porch takes a little more work since it has a step on it. (What?) And the last explanation still has me in wonder. Apparently the small porch is more costly because "it's small."

Seriously........THAT is the explanation we were given. Okay!?!?! It is a "whatever" moment when you either run into the woods and scream or laugh at the explanation. Coming from a teacher perspective, it reminded me of a teacher that has only one way of explaining something. My daughter once had such a teacher that couldn't teach her subject so the students suffered from her lack of ability. If the students asked a question, the teacher simply repeated the same information in the same manner she had already said it dozens of time. "Hello, Ms. Teacher! If I didn't understand what you said before, I still don't understand it this time. Please find another way of explaining it so I can figure out what you mean."

Yet, we're dealing with a mason who is not supposed to be a teacher, so it is not helpful to worry about such a perplexing message he gave the builder to pass along to us. This man is great at what he does. He probably hates dealing with homeowners because we ask more questions than he cares to answer.

When we  originally questioned the bid, we explained that we preferred a basket-weave pattern on the large porch. The mason didn't provide that information because he told the builder our bricks weren't sized to be able to be laid with that pattern.

I'm not sure if the pattern in this photo is possible, but I am meeting with the project manager and the mason today to find out. I was at the house in the dark a couple days ago, moving bricks around, trying to find a pattern that I like. Within five minutes, I had a "basket-weave" in front of me. I just wonder what I'll be told today. (Please, Crazy Week. Be over and let us get back to normal. I want this basket weave. )

To add to the crazies:

On Tuesday evening, my husband and I were at a cooking class where our appliance saleslady told us the kitchen refrigerator we ordered wasn't available. Apparently they had ordered it in November and finally got word on Tuesday that it was no longer being manufactured.

I checked, found four other refrigerators that would work in the space and sent them to the saleslady. On Wednesday morning the reply came that it was actually another space having a small undercounter frig had been discontinued. Now I'm really shaking my head because that room didn't even have a small frig. I responded, asking if she could be talking about a third space where we had ordered a small frig to place under the cabinet. BINGO! Third room is the charm and I figured out what to look for.

Since the entire week was more of the same, I find myself wondering if we simply had an extended Friday, the 13th that lasted an entire week. Smiling.......

A photo of the finished basket weave design on the front porch was posted March 4, 2015.

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