Monday, February 23, 2015

Due diligence and patience

While we don't want to slow down the building process, we have realized that sometimes we need the time to "get it right." We have diligently tried to stay ahead of the builder, but sometimes that is not easy.

One of our current tasks is to design the front door. After studying photos of southern homes, we have narrowed the list of choices.

We considered solid front doors, yet there is no nearby window. We aren't sure we like opening a door without knowing who is on the other side. Although we could use a peep hole, we just didn't want to go with solid doors.

We drove around the neighborhood where we are building and looked at the replicas of Charleston and other southern houses. The majority of these homes have doors with multiple panes at the top. Depending on the door size and the house, most have 6, 8, or 10 panes.

Of all the doors we have seen, these six-panes seemed to fit our house better than others.

While drawing different door configurations, I realized the door I like best is on our current house, and both my husband and I agree it is worth consideration. Yet we were hesitant to tell the designer and builder because we had never seen a door like this on a southern style home.

Time for research! We drove around the neighborhood and found an almost identical replica of the door with two tall, narrow panes in each door. I sent it to the builder this morning, asking for a bid.

There would have been a time in the future that I would have discovered the door because it is on a favorite house. It would have been too late, and I would have regretted not taking the time to find out whether it was a good fit.

I understand that some decisions can't wait, but if there is any time to use due diligence to find the best answer, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunity.

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