Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let's talk brick flooring

With walnut flooring ordered, we settled on brick floors for the kitchen and a few nearby areas. When starting to look for brick, there just didn't seem to be a product that worked well in this space. It needed to look good with the nearby walnut flooring. The product also needed to work well with the grays on the walls and cabinets.

After an extensive search, I narrowed the selections down to only two that were even possibilities.

PortStone was the first product I discovered. While I haven't seen this paver product in person, everything I read about it speaks quality.

We have ordered our bricks from Inglenook Tiles, a family owned company. After looking at the box of samples I ordered, I was sold! These bricks will be made in molds that were created from antique bricks, and are simply perfect for our home. Because there is no giant warehouse full of this product, we now wait for them to be made and fired. It's exciting to realize they are being produced for this one specific home.

I realize there are pros and cons of having a brick floor.

The cons for me were:
  • Not wanting to walk barefoot on my kitchen floor. (I live without shoes when I'm at home.)
  • The floor will be harder when standing for long periods of time. (I'll need to find some pretty, cushioned mats before the first holiday cooking marathon.)
  • Most important: my sweet grandbaby falling and getting scratched up. (NO!) (We'll have to be extra careful in this space while she's tiny and learning to walk.)

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