Friday, February 27, 2015

Listening and learning

As frustrated as a homeowner gets when people won't listen to him/her, it leaves me to wonder about the "tradesmen" and skilled artists who must have the same reaction when homeowners won't listen to wise advice.

Today held multiple meetings. One meeting was with the artist who will paint a ceiling medallion in one room. In my "wisdom" it is now the perfect time to paint, but the artist has a different idea.

In my defense, the room is stained and painted, there are no floors to worry about damaging, and the house is quiet at the moment. However, the artist shared how he had painted elaborate murals on ceilings before and had to redo parts of the mural because electricians cut sheetrock to find adequate support for a fixture. Sometimes the fixture has to be moved an inch or so in order to be hung.

Since the painting will have a circular design, it is important that it lines up with the ceiling fan we'll hang in this room. So, we (1) wait until the fan is hung and he works between the fan blades, which he assures me he has done before, or (2) find out if the downrod for the fan can be hung early, which I've left a message with the salesman about.

While I thought I knew the perfect solution, it was important to consider what the artist has learned from experience. The bottom line is that it would be bad to have a ceiling fan that isn't centered in the painted design on the ceiling.

At other times, it might be worth helping solve a problem that a craftsman says won't work.

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