Monday, February 2, 2015

Multiple ceiling fans with one control

There are a couple places in our house that will have multiple ceiling fans which share one wall switch. Until the electrician explained to me that we need to buy "vanilla" fans, I would have not thought anything wrong with just choosing any ceiling fan.

One of these areas is on the back porch where there will be three fans. According to the electrician and everything I read about this subject, having multiple fans that are controlled by remotes is an invitation to chaos.

Imagine being on the porch and needing to lower or raise the speed on only one of the three fans. You point the remote at that fan, and it may or may not change only one of the fans. If you somehow manage to change a single fan, then you can only hope the same thing happens next time you point the remote at that fan.  However, chances are great that more than one fan will change speeds. Pretty soon, you have three fans at different speeds and you find yourself trying to get one of them changed while leaving the other two unchanged. 

Home Depot website has a forum that explains it much better than I can.

The goal is to find fans that are controlled by a pull chain. All you want on the wall switch is a simple Off/On control. The speed will then be independently controlled by pulling the chain for the particular fan you want to change.

With high ceilings, it's not always easy to reach a short pull chain. But there is an easy solution with a myriad of pull chains to add to fans, making the chains more accessible. even has pull chains that let you know whether you are changing the light or the fan. This could be a simple solution to a minor though frustrating problem. You could simply add a mini light bulb and ceiling fan to the chain, which accomplishes the same results.

My shopping list includes only simple "vanilla" pull chains since none of the fans will need light kits. Maybe I should look for a nautical pull that can stand outdoor weather.

Now I search for pull chain (i.e. "vanilla") ceiling fans. It shall be interesting.

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