Thursday, March 26, 2015

BIG lesson - FLOW

One of the BIG lessons we've learned while building our home, is that NOTHING is an island unto its self. EVERYTHING works together to create the whole.

  • Where does the wood flooring end and the brick begin? Do we want to see the brick from the dining room, or see wood flooring as we look through the doorway? The experts (the people who do this for a living) all agree that we want wood to be visible through that door. I took their word for it since we have a "strange" spot where we can end one flooring and begin another in either of two places.

    We took a photo to illustrate the spot we chose for the transition and uploaded it to our shared Dropbox folder. Now, all that is left is to make sure the information gets to the installers.
  • One of our bathrooms has a walk-in shower. After not being able to find a shower floor I felt good about, someone suggested we continue the floor tile into this shower (but use smaller mosaic tiles) so it would "flow" between the two areas. LIGHT BULB!!!  That was the perfect solution.
  • It's alright to know what you want, and to hold true to your vision. However, you also need to listen to the experts. If they say it won't work, you don't necessarily have to give up. Listen to why it "won't work" and set about to solve that problem if possible. You can possibly see the whole picture while the construction team often can see their one part of the puzzle. Sometimes plans need to be changed, but often there is a solution if you look hard enough.
Keep your focus on the big picture to pull everything together. It is a silly illustration, but you do not want to find yourself falling in love with a tile that is bright orange when you have a pink room. Remember how the house needs to flow from one space to another and look like it had a master plan instead of being random rooms that don't work together.  

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