Monday, April 20, 2015

Adjustable shelves

When planning cabinets and shelving, we chose to ask for adjustable shelving in several spaces, including the walk-in pantry. I wonder how many times I have tried and failed to place an over-sized box or jug on a pantry shelf only to find that it was too tall. The 2-liter bottles of soda would end up on the floor and the boxes of cereal would find another home.

When planning for adjustable shelving in certain spaces, I asked whether pre-drilled holes or metal brackets would provide a better solution. We chose pre-drilled holes simply because I didn't want visible metal inside the bookcases.

I'm not sure either is better, but possibly a preference for one over the other. It might be my imagination, but I can see how the hardness of the wood would determine whether or not the pre-drilled holes would be sturdy over a long period of time.

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