Monday, April 6, 2015

Choosing hardware - Step 1

Walking into a home hardware store with walls full of knobs and pulls is not unlike looking for a diamond in a box of cubic zirconia. It's possible, but both time consuming and frustrating.

And back at the house..........

(Most items for a new house are chosen anywhere other than at the house. Stone slabs were chosen in a stone yard. Lights were chosen in a lighting store. Tile was chosen in a showroom with usually only one piece of the tile to look at.)

But back at the house...........

We must keep the house in mind while making these decisions. Since it is difficult to picture every little drawer front, measurement, and style when in a store looking at hardware, I needed some "help" to make sure I was getting the best hardware for each drawer and door.

My solution was a trip to the house with a clip-board in hand. Once again I had printed the drawings of each cabinet so I could walk through and make notes on these pages. As I carefully studied the cabinets, I tried to visualize how a cabinet pull would look on a drawer, or if a cup pull would be a better fit on that specific drawer and in that space.  Maybe a knob or pair of knobs would be the best solution.

As I stood in each space, I used a pencil to make notes on the drawings. Measurements were noted for tight spaces. My opinion about knob, pull or cup pull was added.

Once I get to the hardware store with these pages, it will be much easier to make selections because I now have a good idea of exactly what to look for.

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