Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Choosing hardware - Step 2

This will be the third new home we have moved into, the first after owning a computer, which makes a tremendous difference in finding resources for our home.

Looking back to the previous two new homes, I realize there were no websites for hardware companies or anyone else for that matter. We walked into a store, presented the employee with a budget, she pointed us in the right direction, we made selections and it was over.

Maybe that was better; I must wonder. I know for sure that it was much easier. However, any store will have limited selections, so having the Internet at my finger-tips gives me a multiplicity of choices that I wouldn't have before. In a previous post, Lighting Challenge, I mentioned that stores must "cater to the needs of their customers."  This, of course, is also true of hardware stores.

I am finding mostly Tuscan and contemporary style hardware when I visit local stores. That leads me to the web to search for hardware companies. The saleslady I am working with graciously helped me with a list of some of the hardware manufacturers she suggests we look at. One by one, I peruse each website in search of hardware that looks like a style from an old southern house. Listed are the websites that have provided me with the most selections befitting our home style.

(I will add more to this list as I find appropriate hardware.) 

Here is the list from the saleslady, including a few additional sites I have found. I'm still working my way through these websites.

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