Thursday, April 9, 2015

Choosing hardware - step 3

If you are working with a hardware store dedicated to supplying cabinet and door hardware for builders, there is a big chance the store will send someone to walk your house and do a "take off" of everything the house will need.

They will make a note of each door knob/lever and whether it is right-handed or left-handed. There will be measurements of drawer sizes and it will probably have notes about any special limitations for pulls. For example, we have a few raised panel drawers that have limited space to hold a drawer pull.

It is a bit more of a challenge to find hardware that will fit on these narrow raised panel drawers.

Should I have used a different style drawer front? Possibly, but we wanted raised panels and certainly will not have them redone now. Just because something is more of a challenge doesn't mean it is impossible.

Because of these unique challenges for each room or space in the house, I have found that it is extremely helpful to have photos of every cabinet when you start looking for hardware at a store. I never asked the hardware store for copies of their photos. I took photos of my own and organized them according to room.

It is not easy to remember each detail when you are away from the house. Photos become a great help. I keep my photos handy on my tablet, but also on Dropbox. That allows me to view them on my phone if my tablet isn't with me. Having the measurements and photos available can keep mistakes to a minimum when choosing sizes and styles.

(Look at the drawer in the far left side. No question that a simple knob will be used on that drawer.) 

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