Saturday, April 4, 2015

Differing opinions

It is always amusing to me when I hear different opinions of home styles. While one of my good friends would move into a nearby home in a heart beat, I find the home to be totally opposite her normal taste. She explains that she loves the unique style and the open spaces inside the home. Yet this unique style is what disturbs me since it does not seem to fit into my "comfort zone." It leans closer to contemporary style, while remaining a only a tad traditional. It simply leaned too far away from traditional in my view, but my friend disagrees with my assessment.

OSU Sheep Barn
A second home that is nearing completion nearby is a beautiful shingle style home with multiple Gambrel roof lines. Because of this home, it was interesting for me to view Traditional Home magazine's slide-show on Shingle Style architecture. I am enchanted by the Gambrel shingle style home, while my husband is always reminded of the ag barns at his alma mater.

OSU Sheep Barn (photo belongs to OSU-Animal Science)
His association doesn't bother me since I've always loved the architecture of Oklahoma State University. I love the consistent building philosophy of keeping the same brick and styles throughout the campus, since it creates the most beautiful university grounds.

This consistent style extended to OSU's ag barns as well. I have admired the beauty of the ag barns since my first trip to Stillwater. I do realize my husband isn't calling the nearby home a barn, and that it simply reminds him of college days.

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