Friday, April 10, 2015

Exterior shutters

Looking back on a busy day, my favorite part was realizing all of the shutters have been hung. Although I have watched as they appeared around the house, we now have shutters all across the front of the house today, which is exciting.

We chose raised panels for multiple reasons. The main reason is probably because we both like the style, but also because it seems to fit the style of our home best. I thought about louvers for a few days, but realized the raised panel is the winner for this house.

Early shutters were often dark to duplicate the void of the window opening when the shutters were closed. It gave a similar appearance on all windows of the building when some were closed and others were open.

Our plan for Charleston Green was changed a bit when we chose to have Timberlane finish the shutters with their "Charleston Proper Green."   The reason for their black appearance is because the color actually consists of mostly black paint, with a little green mixed it for historic purposes. In January 2014, I mentioned how Charleston green came about. The story goes: 
Charleston, SC was trying to rebuild after the Civil War and residents were not pleased with the black paint the North sent down to help them. Not wanting to use this black paint, but having few options, the creative Charleston residents added splashes of green and yellow to the paint. The result was a dark, dark green that is still used in Charleston today. The Duron formulas for the Colors of Historic Charleston are now owned by Sherwin-Williams. 

If you catch the sun hitting the shutters just right, you can catch a glimpse of the green. Meanwhile, I will call the color "Charleston green" and let friends and family think I'm color blind since the story is just quirky enough to be fun.

I had the shutter dogs placed at the center of the sides. Many people place the shutter dogs at the bottom of the shutters, but I've seen them various ways. The favorite "look" to me is the center of the sides. In thinking about it, it seems like the shutter would be supported better in a good wind if the side-center is held back. That was the only reason for my decision about placement.

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