Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hatch My House website

We can probably all hear the comments about the website I recently discovered.

Blah, blah, blah.................

And while I admit that I tend to see it as a bit tacky, it doesn't mean I would refuse to use it if I were a young couple trying to save for a home after my wedding.

Let's face it! Even registeries get a bad rap from those people who view registeries as asking for gifts. So, while looking around the website, I read the page titled "Is asking for cash toward a home tacky?"

Honestly, many of us have been taught that asking for cash for anything is tacky unless you are a child and dependent on your parents.

However, let's face it!
  • Guests give wedding gifts to brides and grooms
  • Wedding registeries have become mainstream
So why not register at Hatch My House to start or increase your savings account towards the purchase of your home?

If a couple can get past the idea that registering for items is asking for specific gifts, this should be no different.

Random note: I don't think Emily Post would put her stamp of approval on registeries OR Hatch My House. Simply because her website states that "Cash presents are perfectly acceptable" does not mean she would have condoned ASKING for cash presents. Stretching the truth, maybe?

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