Monday, April 13, 2015


Because of a deed restriction in our new neighborhood, a formally drawn plan must be submitted for approval before the lot can be landscaped. The deed restrictions are tight, including the yards and gardens. I would grip to myself about it, but I realize that is part of what makes me love this neighborhood.

I made a trip to Lowe's last week to return 2 items and came home with nearly 100 plant photos on my cell phone. 'Tis the season to plant. Sharing some beautiful plant photos today.

Knock-out Rose
Knock-out Rose

Sensation Rose Salvia

Origami Blue & White Columbine

Electric Lemonade Cabana Canna Lily
The leaves of Black Diamond
Crape Myrtles

Duranta Tree

The leaves of a Variegated Hibiscus

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