Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quartz countertop

POPSUGAR posted a Maggie Winterfeldt article today about Why You Should Think Twice About Granite Countertops.

The article, which is very concise, discusses the reason that quartz counter tops are now surpassing granite as the most popular counter top material. Winterfeldt discussed durability, style and affordability, making various points about these topics. I admit to being a believer in what the article promotes.

When we replaced the counter tops in our current home, we chose quartz and I have never regretted the choice. We have never had a problem with the counter tops, get compliments on them, and still feel like we made the best choice for durability.

In our new home, I wanted a calm countertop with very little color change, yet one that had some swirls of a slightly different shade in order to provide interest.  We found exactly that when we discovered Alpine Mist by Caesarstone.

The light grey tones worked well with the cool colors we have chosen for our walls and cabinets. Since we wanted to keep a simple feel in the space, we choose a waterfall edge that curves at the top, then falls straight. The simplicity of the edge allows the block paneling on the island to be more visible. Sometimes, the busier the item, the more the details become lost. Since we intentionally kept it simple, the details on the island become the focal point instead of the counter top edge, exactly what we wanted.

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