Friday, April 24, 2015

Sanity break

Building this house has been a labor of love, but also very overwhelming at times. The number of decisions required often pile up faster than I can keep up with. Today I took a sanity break and visited one of the beautiful painted churches in Texas. It was the opening day of their first ever quilt show. I do hope it becomes an annual event. It was medicine for the body and soul.

I've heard about the beautiful painted churches in Texas, yes never had an opportunity to visit any of them. When I saw a small notice for this show in an area magazine I marked the date on my calendar and made plans to meet a cousin there to enjoy the show together.

In spite of rain in the area, it turned out to be a perfect day. Coming from two different directions, we showed up within minutes of each other. The rain held until we were leaving. But the time we were there was amazing!

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Plantersville, TX is a magnificent work of art. While ornate, there is such a peaceful atmosphere in the church. The ladies from St. Mary's were the most gracious hostesses.

The visit provided a most delightful break from working on building-related projects. Miles away from home in a beautiful country church, enjoying the beauty of lovingly created quilts, was a delightful change of pace!

Beautiful quilted Christmas tree shirt

This quilt reminded me of an old quilt my maternal grandmother had made. 

The beautiful colors of fall

The outlines of the shape of Texas had randomly placed cross-stitches
which looked like barbed wire fencing.

The ribbon quilt was one of my favorites.

An antique, friendship quilt that had been made for a new bride
by several ladies who each made quilt blocks for her quilt.

Quilts, both old and new, were lovingly folded over the priceless, historic church pews. The end of each pew held a short story about the quilt lovingly folded over that half of the pew.

One of the quilts had been found between an old mattress and metal bed springs, and still carried a few rust marks remaining from the springs. There were quilts that had been wedding gifts to their owners. Another quilt had been made by a upper elementary student and her grandmother. It's colors were bright and cheerful, which contrasted with the faded quilts from the early 1900s. But each quilt told a story of love from the one who had made the quilt, or had gifted it. 

One such story described how that particular quilt was obtained from a silent auction. The current owner and her good friend were both bidding on the quilt. Her friend ended up winning the auction, then gave the quilt to the current owner as a birthday gift. The owner had upped the price of the quilt by bidding against her friend. Since it was for a good cause, they both were happy. 

Today was a much needed sanity break! 

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