Sunday, April 19, 2015


One of our family members has a wonderful little "house" in his backyard. It's a one-room space that he once used for an office before he retired. I always thought it was wonderful that he had such an awesome place to work, but also wished I had a reason for such a place in my backyard.

I'm not sure if I'm behind, or if this is a new trend. I've realized that men have their man-caves. Now ladies have their "She Sheds," according to Houzz and other sources.  I'll admit to liking the idea.

A couple years ago, I was at a big box hardware store with my daughter. We both admitted to wanting one of the outdoor sheds that hardware stores often display in their parking lots. "But why would we want such a thing and what would we do with it?" we asked each other. Now we know. We could have a she-shed. 

A quick search of Lowe's resulted in a few possibilities:

There are cedar sheds, selections with small porches, various roof lines, and probably my favorite shed, the Arlington with dormer windows (by Best Barns).

If I lived on enough land to find a place for a structure like this, I might see if I could figure out a way to own a She-Shed of my own. What would I use it for? 

Bible reading
Quiet time
Prayer time


What a wonderful idea! 
I wish I knew how many of these are in my humid, but-infested area of the country.

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