Thursday, May 7, 2015

Photos from Charleston

Anyone who loves Southern home styles will probably fall in love with Charleston. I can't wait to return after we have our home finished and actually have some time to enjoy a trip.

Meanwhile, I'm settling for photos from our trip in 2013. Just wanted to share a few interesting photos. Hope you enjoy......

Two of the above photos include our favorite carriage driver/tour guide. This gal was a wealth of information. I think we took 3 different rides with her to various part of the historic district. Each day we would return, wait to see what her route was, and then climb on the carriage to explore another section of the city.

Although there are multiple horse-drawn carriage companies in Charleston,  I highly recommend Old South Carriage Company. It's been over two years since our visit and I still remember "hawkers" on street corners from other carriage companies who were handing out coupons, and podiums on other corners which men yelling (okay, talking at a somewhat larger than normal volume) for tourists to sign up for a carriage ride. The first person we spoke to told us there would be a 2-hour wait for a carriage.

For whatever reason, we decided not to buy a ticket, and then add our names to the reservation list. We continued to walk around the tourist area of N Market Street until we saw even more carriages at Anson and N Market Streets. We happened upon a full carriage that was ready to leave and asked the gal who was helping load where to get a ride. She pointed to the Old South Carriage Co building and told us we could get tickets a few steps away. Within 10 minutes, we were on a carriage. They even took the competitors coupons in 2013. (Coupon link)

When we wanted to take additional rides, we simply headed back to Old South and bought another pair of tickets. I never like the "hurry up or you'll miss out" salesman. I want someone who is professional, and who does not push you to hand over your money before giving details. And that is what we found at Old South Carriage Company.

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