Friday, May 8, 2015

Ceiling medallions

A pair of Ekena Millwork ceiling medallions came from the warehouse in a wooden crate. The builder had to open this crate since we didn't even have the correct tools. (I guess we could have returned to Lowe's where we purchased the medallions to buy the right tool, but the builder offered to do it for us.)

Ekena Millwork 54.25-in x 54.25-in Urethane Ceiling Medallion
Ekena Millwork ceiling medallion
I admired the photo of this medallion when I first saw it online, but was hesitant because of the size (54.25" diameter). After calculating, I realized it would be a great size for the living room and dining room.

While at our new home last night, we found the medallions hung. The photos do not do justice to the subjects, but it was the best I could do with little light and a smart-phone camera.

In the foyer - 2 matching medallions
for the matching chandeliers
Ceiling medallion in the living room

Identical medallion in the dining room

Over the breakfast table

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