Thursday, May 28, 2015


"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. "

I have no clue how old that quote is. Life has not handed me lemons, and this is not a whine post. I simply chuckled to myself yesterday as I thought of the quote while moving some boxes.

I live near Houston, TX, which is having major water problems right now. In fact, much of Texas and Oklahoma have the same situation. Houston's clay soil is saturated, and the rain continues to fall. Periodically a storm will pass through that dumps so much water in such a short time that drainage can not keep up with the rate of rainfall. So, people find themselves with a torrent of water flowing through the streets.

ABCNEWS.COM photo, May 26, 2015
This is not normal and doesn't happen every day, or even every year. But when it does happen, it can shut down parts of, or even the entire city, until the water recedes.

Meanwhile, I'm going about packing and moving boxes to a storage facility so I can get our current house ready to sell. I'm slowing making progress, but had to give up moving loads of boxes with my husband's truck. Last time I took a load in the truck, I barely made it to the storage facility before the rain started again. I don't want wet cardboard boxes (Shiver!), so I am using Plan B.

My current method is to back my SUV into the driveway (under cover) and load as many boxes as I can in the back end, back seat, and front passenger seat, keeping the side mirrors visible. Yes, it's taking more trips, but I have dry boxes! So, even in the rain, I'm making progress....making lemonade....instead of sitting home wishing the rain would stop.

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