Tuesday, May 12, 2015


During the spring of 2015, the home decor stores are packed with nautical themed elements.  At Pottery Barn, you can create a tablescape with dishes and accessories that are stunningly beautiful, yet created for outdoor use (i.e. melamine collections of all styles and colors). In addition there are creative elements that bring the nautical or beach theme inside a home. Lanterns, pillows, frames, candles, throws, hardware and more help provide the perfect nautical touches. What fun!

Pottery Barn photo*

Even Crate&Barrel has come to the nautical party with their ideas. Items like their Pier-scape pillow add comfort to outdoor furniture, along with a touch of whimsy.
Crate&Barrel photo*

Fiesta Dinnerware offers a cylinder beverage server in select colors that will provide a colorful, yet useful, outdoor drink station. This was discovered in the Dillard's home department, alongside beautiful dishes, beach towels and totes, to name a few.
Fiesta photo*

Even my neighborhood grocery store has nautical items in their seasonal merchandise. With the abundant selections, my mind is full of all these beautiful and charming pieces as I continue to choose elements for our new home.  Yesterday, while looking through Pinterest for hardware ideas, I was reminded of nautical boat cleats style hardware that many people have used on cabinet doors. 

My Knobs photo*
Completely Coastal  shares a charming bathroom photo (from yet another web page) that illustrates charming cleats used as hardware on a bathroom counter. 
Coastal Living photo by Jean Allsopp*
(Photo source not 100% confirmed)

When I discovered this idea on Pinterest, I immediately thought of a fun space in our home that would look great with cleat pulls. During a quick email exchange with Lauren, I explained:
"I'm having to hold back using nautical accents everywhere. There is so much in the stores now. It becomes an easy solution. However, that is not the big theme of the house, as I keep reminding myself."
Because of the abundance of nautical items that are currently available, my mind is full of nautical ideas, but it periodically becomes a quick fix instead of the perfect solution. Yet, I must keep in mind that our BIG PICTURE is Old Southern Home decor instead of nautical. However, the house is on lake-front property, so cleat hardware would add charm. Will I use them? Possibly in a half-bath with a porthole mirror and a piece of nautical theme art. I'll have to give it some more thought since I want to make sure I keep the big picture in mind.

Lauren just cautions me not to go "overboard"  (with a smile in her voice, I'm sure).

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