Friday, May 8, 2015

Weir's Furniture - Dallas

Exploring Highland Park (Dallas) last weekend was a delight. We visited an old friend, Weir's Furniture at 3219 Knox St, and had time to casually wonder through their nearby warehouse outlet as well. It was years ago that a former neighbor told me about this store, and it became a must-visit when we are in Dallas and have time to run by.

Weir's iconic sidewalk clock

When my daughter was young, she and I never failed to stop in their charming Country Store* and enjoy some homemade fudge, and a cold soft drink in a glass bottle, while we played a game or two of checkers on one of the barrel tables. When our guys were with us, we usually added freshly popped popcorn to the purchases.  (Think charming upscale Cracker Barrel style with a furniture store connected instead of a restaurant.) Weir's is a favorite stop. In addition to the country store, we're also purchased furniture there as well, hauling it home in the back of our SUV or truck. There are many sweet memories from Weir's.

Hooker Furniture - European Renaissance II
Since we had unexpected time in Dallas this past weekend, my husband wanted to stop by to look for a new desk, which he found. It has everything and more on his checklist (Style, color of stain, file drawer- actually has 2, keyboard pullout, and drawer dividers in the right places). As a bonus, the desk has fluted corner pilasters crowned with Corinthian capitals, and a beautiful inlaid desk top. It was more than he hoped for!

Before we left the store, we stopped by their old country store to grab some homemade fudge to bring home. OH, NO!!!  They no longer have their fudge shop as part of the store. I've made trips to the store just for fudge, and ended up spending money on gifts, books** and furniture. This new plan of having no fudge keeps me from having an excuse to visit the store when I am in town. Oh, dear! This isn't working for me.

*Weir's Country Store website pages are limited. The store is completely charming, packed with delightful home accessories and gifts. It I lived in Dallas, it would be my first stop when gift shopping. 

**The books might be gone as well. I was so shocked about the missing fudge that I failed to look at the book shop. After I left, I realized it wasn't in it's old spot. I certainly hope it is not another piece of history.  

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