Monday, June 8, 2015

Dawn dishwashing liquid?

Just not sure if this is for my friends, or if I'm including this so it will be handy when I need to find it again. One Good Thing, a super blog by Jill Nystul, has a great deal of incredible information. It's where I found a post titled Original Blue Dawn . . . It's Not Just For Dishes Anymore.

If you're searching for a homemade bubble recipe, how to get grease/oil out of your children's hair (or your own, for that matter), or make a great reusable ice pack, then head to Jill's blog for details.


According the Jill, the miracle product is a manicure secret, repels houseplant insects and ants in the kitchen, cleans your windows, kills fleas on Rover, cleans automotive tools (this one I knew), is great for cleaning the tub and shower, unclogs toilets, keeps poison ivy from spreading, cleans your oily driveway, and removes paint or grease from your hands. Who knew? But now I do, thanks for Jill!

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