Thursday, June 11, 2015

Memories of wishing for some sort of privacy

Please don't misunderstand. The bathroom pictured below is lovely. There are so many beautiful features and just looking at the photo causes me to feel relaxed. I can imagine leaving this calming environment without a worry in the world. It takes spa to another level! 

But the first thing I noticed about the photo was the clear glass around the toilet enclosure. It reminded me of reality. There is no privacy for moms (or dads) who need to just spend 15 seconds alone (on the toilet)!  I'm sure most kids would have been laying on the floor in this bathroom so they could make sure their parent is okay in there all by themselves. 

I remember days like this with young children: 

We made sure to put a door in front of my toilet, one that a little one would have to put their hand under to let me know they were waiting on me.  Ahh.......sweet memories! 

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