Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sweet grass baskets

CBS News shared a video on Charleston area sweet grass basket artists. These baskets, available on street corners and in various markets around Charleston, are some of the most wonderful I've ever seen. Southern Living magazine calls the baskets a "must-have" and "a glorious souvenir and symbol of the Lowcountry - and our South."

It can be an adventure to search for that special basket that will be perfect in your home.

My suggestion is to probably start with a street vendor, an artist who might be setting nearby, making yet another basket to add to his or her collection. I wish I had a photo to share of the artist who had an amazing collection in front of the US Post Office building. Her baskets were outstanding, both beautiful and strong.

Don't forget to explore the Charleston City Market where you can find multiple basket artists. Two of my favorites were:

Bev's Sweetgrass Baskets is located in an open air building

Laura Simmons' own unique baskets come in various sizes.
Her booth is also worth looking for.

There are baskets that can sell for thousands of dollars, but also baskets that are much more budget friendly. One of these special baskets might just need to return to Texas with me next time I get to visit Charleston.   

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