Monday, July 27, 2015

Ceiling "medallion?"

For a long time I have admired the incredible ceiling medallions in historic homes. After shopping, I was able to find historic copies that we love. I only wish I knew where the originals hung.

However, a medallion for my husband's study, which overlooks a small lake, was a bit difficult.

We wanted something that adds a bit of sophisticated nautical in the room, and did find some medallions with rope edges. I had hoped to find a compass rose for the study ceiling but was not able to find such a medallion that wasn't juvenile.

We continued to search until we were able to find the "perfect" solution. When I noticed this drawing of a compass rose on a Google search, I realized a painted compass rose was the answer!

After standing in the study with an artist, comparing his ideas and our dream to keep it simple and make it look "old," he created a piece we love! 

The cardinal points are true to the compass.  "N" points straight North, not to the corner of the room.

MySouthernHome2014 photo

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