Monday, July 27, 2015

Ceiling "medallion?"

I have always loved the ceiling medallions in historic homes and was able to find some awesome medallions for our home. While the manufacturer of our medallions claim them to be copies of historic medallions, I have no idea where the originals are. It would be interesting to find that information.


Yet, we couldn't find a medallion we wanted for my husband's study, which overlooks a small lake. We wanted something that adds a bit of sophisticated nautical in the room, and did find some medallions with rope edges. But we continued to look because we just didn't feel we had found the perfect solution.

This was one of those times when we continued to look and look until we were able to find something that we knew was the "perfect" solution, or at least the best we were going to find. We found this drawing of a compass rose that would make a great ceiling medallion. With some tweaking by the artist, we have a simple, yet wonderful compass rose on the ceiling.

We asked the artist to keep it simple, and to make it look "old" which he was able to do. We love it!

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