Saturday, September 19, 2015

Piano caster cups (DIY)

I needed felt bottom caster cups for my piano in order to keep the wheels on the legs from hurting the new wood floor. I didn't think about this in time to get them ordered and shipped to me. Although I live near a major city, I was not able to find a store that had these in stock.

I was ready to use a temporary solution until I was at Lowe's and found something that works. I simply bought parts to put them together to make what I need.

Image result for waxman soft touch cherry caster cups
Waxman Soft Touch Cherry Caster Cups (pack of 4) 
Waxman 6-Pack Brown Round Felt Pads
Waxman Soft Touch 2 in. Felt Pads
to place inside the indention


 Larger felt pads (with adhesive on one side)
to cut to fit the bottom of the wooden caster cups

I checked my invention with the piano mover before using them. He said they would work on a spinet piano (which I have), but are not strong enough for a large upright or grand piano. Mark one thing off my "to-do-list." 

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