Thursday, October 29, 2015

Laundry room location

At one time, the average house traditionally had a laundry room located in one of two places. A popular solution was in a closet that was located in the kitchen area, possibly even in the garage. Some were not even closets, but had the appliances in the open.

Another popular location was near the kitchen where people spent a great deal of time. Our designer suggested we put a washer/dryer in the master area, although we didn't follow that advice. A couple of my good friends have a laundry area near their master bedroom, but I didn't think much about it until after we moved in and one of them mentioned how much she loved having that feature in her home.

My new house has a laundry room that is ample sized with a single sink for convenience. Every time I walk between the two, I remember what Lauren suggested. She was right!  We should have reconsidered.

(Hey, at least it is exercise to do all this walking. Right?)

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