Thursday, October 22, 2015


"Where are the spoons?"

"Anyone know where I can find a hand towel?"

"Has anyone unpacked the plates?"

On and on it goes.

It's impossible to unpack everything at once, put it in the perfect location, and expect everyone else to know exactly where it has been placed.

We drew large red stars on boxes that needed to be unpacked first. Even then, it's sometimes hard to find things.

I read multiple pieces of information about how to pack, then unpack. But the fact is that no two houses are alike. The order things worked in one kitchen does not work in a new kitchen. The juicer was by the baking dishes in the old kitchen. In my new kitchen it is by the seldom used cooking utensils. I have no clue if I will find a better home for it.

My only advice about unpacking is to try to think logically and pay attention to where things are being placed. For example:

  • Cups and mugs by the refrigerator
  • Drinking glasses by the refrigerator (it's where the water is in my kitchen)
  • Flatware close to the table and/or sink
  • Pots and pans near the stove
  • Baking dishes near the oven
  • Spices close to where you will cook, but not too near the heat
  • Spatulas, wooden spoons, etc are handy to have within reach when you're standing at the stove
Basically, the things you need the most are easier if stored near where they will be used.

Organizing my closet is a different task. I'm trying to think logically about where I want to place different items. I know I'll need my purses more frequently than I'll need my travel items. So purses will be placed within reach while travel items might have to be placed somewhere less accessible, probably requiring a step stool to reach them when needed.

Instead of simply stashing things to get them put away, I do believe it is helpful to think about everything and try to figure out where it will be most convenient. That way, I can find my boots without having to search the entire closet. They will have a home and will be ready when needed.

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