Monday, December 7, 2015

Measure, measure, and double check

If there was a picture on this post it would have to be of me crying in frustration.

Cabinet plans are frustrating enough.

But there were notes on each plan detailing the inside dimensions of certain drawers and cabinets. I failed to measure every space that required specific dimensions after they were built. I just assumed they were correct. WRONG!

In my small home office I have found 2 "big" mistakes while unpacking. The drawers I had built to hold wrapping paper rolls are about 1/2" shorter than I asked for them to be. The over-sized rolls will not fit in those drawers. UGH!

Since I don't have many over-sized rolls, I decided to stand them up in a tall basket or pretty umbrella stand in the room. (I have one vacant corner in that small room.)

Today, I went to slide my sewing machine into the under-counter space planned for it. The only way it will fit is if I cut the handle off the carrying case. (THAT is not going to happen.)  Yes!  I can slide it in the knee space for the sewing area, but where do I put the chair. I'm not a happy camper right now.

I should have measured EVERY cabinet opening in this house. Now I regret that.

(I do realize this is not earth shattering. It's simply frustrating since I had worked so hard to get everything measured for the plans.)


But, the GOOD NEWS!

The local Ethan Allen had a warehouse clearance sale this past weekend. I found 3- 8X10 rugs for $199 each. Love warehouse sales that are actually what they are advertised to be.

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