Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blinding light

I'm not sure this will be useful for anyone, but just in case..........

With the wood-stained front doors having glass inserts, it has been difficult to get an even sheen on the stain inside of the doors. There has been an ongoing problem with the finish at the top corner of one of the doors. However, we can only see it after the sun sets and the lights are on inside the room.

.......and the painters do not work at night, so they can not figure out where the problem is.. 

During the day, when the painters are working, the imperfection can not be seen because of the bright (i.e.  blinding) light coming in through the glass in the doors which keep our eyes from being able to distinguish problems with the dark finish on the wood.

FINALLY, I realized we should block out the light to allow the inside of the door to be seen. EUREKA!!!  We hung a dark navy sheet outside the doors, allowing the painter to finally see what we had been trying to explain. The uneven finish is now even and looks much better!

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