Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vertical closet storage

While our home was under construction, one of the things people asked about was the purpose for slat board in two closets. 

(Now I wish I had asked for slat board on entire garage walls, but the garage is not mine to organize so maybe it is best that I stopped with two closet walls.) 

There is a small closet in the laundry room with the back wall and inside of the door covered in slat board. Shelving wouldn't have worked in this space, so we decided vertical storage would help organize the mops and brooms and keep them off the floor.

It's laundry day with a pile of things nearby
waiting to be washed, but the mops are out of the way
 as they hang inside the closet door.  

While planning the house, I saw signs on a local store that was moving. Their fixtures were all on sale with baskets and baskets of slat wall hooks. BINGO! I even found some display shelving for slat board walls. However, the shelves are still in need of a paint job before we can use them.

After getting the cleaning tools off the floor in the utility closet, I moved to my husband's closet where there is also a wall that does not have space for shelving.

Since we like hanging belts instead of storing them in a drawer, the slat board is the perfect place to hang his belt collection; easy to organize and see what choices there are when he's getting dressed. I need to order some brackets for his hats as well. Although I have not ordered from this company, Store Supply Warehouse has a great selection of helpful storage solutions for slat walls.

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