Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fan light transoms

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Antebellum homes are wonderful resources when planning a historic-style home. While I would have loved to spend a day photographing favorite pieces in a few of my favorite houses, we didn't have that privilege.  Instead, we paid brief visits that involved short tours of the homes, and used our cameras to help us grab a few details that we noticed during our limited time.

When in Charleston, SC at the same time we were beginning construction back home, we fell in love with the elliptical, fanlight transom above the front door at nearby Boone Hall.  We loved the idea of using such a transom above our own front doors to bring more light into the entry. 

Boone Hall, SC
(not my photo)

The story behind our fanlight was shared earlier. Sure enough, this transom does indeed bring more light into the foyer, helping to brighten a space that could be dark because of the Charleston historic Hunley Blue paint on the walls. (DCR059)

Our home - property of MySouthernHome2014

Because I love the style of our transom, it brings a smile when I discover other similar transoms in historic homes. It was a delight to notice such a light in Monmouth Historic Inn in Natchez, Mississippi. 

I took a quick snapshot to remember the transom, loving the similarities between the historic light and the one in our home. 

The front hall at Monmouth Historic Inn, Natchez, Mississippi


finem respice said...

oooh.. don't you love the color of the walls in the Monmouth Inn transom shot? so subtle. enjoying your blog, thank you

RRB said...

Thank you for the kind words. I DO love that paint. I wish I'd asked what it was. I'm sure it would be possible to find out with a call to the inn.