Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Energy Efficient" appliances

While I readily admit that I am not an appliance expert, nor am I an energy expert, I do wonder about the "energy efficient" label on newer appliances.

I've had an HE washer and matching dryer for a few years. Now we have an energy efficient dishwasher in our new home.

The washing machine uses less water, but I feel like my clothes are never truly clean. I understand the need to conserve water, which I work to do. But how is this conserving water?

I have a load of clothing that I could wash in my previous machine. Now I have to cut the load in half to even have a chance to get the clothes clean. So I'm using two washers of water, instead of one washer full of water. Maybe this is still saving water?  It's not something I can measure.

However, it is NOT saving electricity. The washer needs longer to actually wash the clothes, possibly because of less water? Now I have these two loads in the washing machine a total of 1 hour for each load, which equals 2 hours of electricity use. My old washer would have these two loads combined in one larger load for less than an hour. And the clothes were much cleaner.

Because there is less water, the 1 tablespoon of HE detergent often leaves a residue on darker clothes. I now add water to the detergent cup to dilute the soap.

Not only do the clothes need to be washed in smaller loads, the same size dryer can not dry the clothes unless the load is small. Please understand these are top of the line Whirlpool appliances.

And when the dryer is finished, I often have to go back and add an additional 10 - 20 minutes. This has been true since the appliances were brand new.

Let's talk about my new Thermador dishwasher. I had a name-brand dishwasher in my previous house that washed the dishes in about an hour. The new energy efficient dishwasher takes over 3 hours to wash a load of dishes. Can someone tell me how this is supposed to save energy?

We spent a small fortune on energy-saving LED bulbs for the lights in our home. I certainly hope the savings from these bulbs puts enough money in my bank account to make up for the energy I'm wasting with my energy efficient appliances.

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