Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Electrical outlets in drawers

While building our new home, we only lived 10 minutes away. I was at the house almost every day, which can be both good and bad.

Bad? I had a great deal of investment in the outcome of the project, and it took more time than I possibly should have spent on it. Maybe that is not all bad. I am not sure.

Good! My husband and I knew what we wanted and why we wanted certain things.

One item that is "trendy" in this area right now is to place an electrical outlet inside a bathroom drawer. It sounds nice on the surface because you can leave a hair dryer plugged into the outlet, open the drawer and be ready to dry your hair without the clutter of a hair dryer on your counter.

Or is it the height of laziness when you can't even manage to plug and unplug your dryer every day?  (I doubt that is the case) 

It is simply a perk that helps make life easier to those who want the feature.

BUT!!!  I did not want a plug in any drawer, and this feature was conspicuously missing on our floor plans.

HOWEVER...................the electricians who work for our builder also know that the builder's favorite designer loves these bathroom drawer electrical outlets. The electricians did not know we had chosen a different designer.

One day as I walked through the house, I noticed outlets behind what would eventually be our bathroom cabinets, I asked about these and was told it was for the outlet in my bathroom drawer.

"(Insert designer's name) always wants outlets in a bathroom drawer," I was told. 
"I'm not using (insert designer's name), and have decided against outlets in our drawers." The outlets were removed and no harm done.

The reason behind our decision came from a bit of research. While the outlets are handy, our decision was based on safety.

Electrical wires that move are subject to stress from the constant movement. Even extension cords wear out faster than the wiring in our walls. After reading some information from professionals who shared they would not place these outlets in their own homes, I decided against using them.

Bent/damaged/worn wiring can be a fire hazard, and there is no reason worry about the constant stress just to save a fraction of a minute each day, in my opinion.

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